Campus History
Campus History

Tegeler Career Center opened its doors at 4949 Burke Road in Pasadena in 1993 with Anita Delafield as its principal. Since its inception, Tegeler Career Center’s purpose has been to meet the needs of Pasadena ISD students who were falling through the cracks, those students needing something a little different from what the traditional campuses offered. 

The school was housed in two buildings, Building A and Building B. Building A was an open concept center with a library and Building B included high school science labs, a Spanish lab and a cafeteria-gymnasium combination. Beginning in 1994, the school hosted GED classes and evening school programs, along with the PEP program for pregnant and parenting students. The Tegeler Child Care Center was added to house the children of PEP students as they attended classes. In 1995, the Pasadena ISD Student Employment Center opened, as well as the Performance Based High School Program (PBS) and daytime GED programs. During 2001-2009, the school transitioned to a high school diploma program and in 2009, Tegeler ended the daytime GED program. The school ceased to be a CTE hub during this time period. From 2010-2018, Tegeler made several changes. Tegeler began the Graduation+ program, which allowed students in seventh and eighth grade to attend the school and incorporated the district’s Challenger and Apex programs. In previous years, enrollment had remained around 200 students, however, with the addition of seventh and eighth grade students, the enrollment grew to 375 students. Along with the increase in enrollment, additional space was needed for Tegeler’s students and portable buildings were added to the campus. In 2013, the campus added a third building, Building C. One year later, the cafeteria was remodeled. In 2020, the school saw a decrease in enrollment due to COVID-related issues and now serves around 320 students. 

In its 29-year history, Tegeler has continually transformed into one program after another to help its students succeed.  Tegeler began as a vocational high school, then became a dropout recovery and prevention program.  Currently, Tegeler is a state approved alternative school of choice with an academic focus.

List of Principals

-Anita Delafield 1992-1994
-Vicki Thomas 1994-1995
-Jean Cain 1995-2022
-Jason Clark 2022-Present