1:1 Information

If a device is lost or stolen after hours:

Lost - Call the PISD Police Department so that they can start the tracking software. 713-740-0200

Stolen - Call your city police and obtain a police report, then call the PISD Police Department.
Pasadena Police - 713-477-1221
Houston Police - 713-884-3131
South Houston Police - 713-944-0513

Pasadena ISD is preparing our students for the Digital Age by integrating technology into their classroom lessons.  Technology serves as a bridge to more engaged, relevant, meaningful, and personalized learning experiences. Through the 1:1 initiative, students will have access to a netbook or tablet device and academic software.  It is the responsibility of parents and educators to provide an environment in which our students develop the skills necessary for successful living, learning, and working in the 21st Century.